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If you want to be part of the Redress team, because you wan´t to change the fashion world with us.
These are our next available positions:
Jobs Description:

General Manager:

Overseeing daily business operations.
Developing and implementing growth strategies.
Training low-level managers and staff.
Creating and managing budgets.
Improving revenue.
Hiring employees.
Evaluating performance and productivity.
Analyzing accounting and financial data.
Researching and identifying growth opportunities.
Generating reports and presentations.

Head of Finance:

Forecasting financial results.
Overseeing the budgets.
Conducting financial risk management.
Evaluating and implementing investment.
Allocating resources and managing finances.
Recommending cost reduction strategies.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

Developing a pricing strategy that maximizes profits and market share but considers customer satisfaction.
Identifying new customers.
Supporting sales and lead generation efforts.
Understanding and developing budgets, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
Compiling lists describing our organization's offerings.
Developing and managing advertising campaigns.
Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events.
Building brand awareness and positioning.
Evaluating and maintaining a marketing strategy.
Directing, planning and coordinating marketing efforts.
Communicating the marketing plan.
Developing each marketing campaign from start to finish.
Researching demand for the organization's products and services.
Evaluating competitors.
Handling social media, public relation efforts, and content marketing.

Director of Business Development:

Building solid relationships with customers, as well as sales and marketing teams.
Developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings to identify profitable business opportunities.
Directing marketing efforts by presenting market research to marketing directors and suggesting strategies to expand market research.
Assessing marketing and sales as well as supplier and vendor operations and recommending improvements as needed.
Preparing all documentation required for requests for proposals.
Researching emerging trends and recommending new company offerings to satisfy customers’ needs.
Developing and managing strategic partnerships to grow business.
Presenting business or marketing opportunities to company executives and management.
Selecting automation software and software platforms that best meet company needs.

Operations Manager:

Make important policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures.
Assist with recruiting when necessary.
Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.
Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing.
Work with senior stakeholders.
Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
Work with the board of directors to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals.
Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.
Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
Support worker communication with the management team

Customer Service Representatives:

Maintaining a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward customers at all times.
Responding promptly to customer inquiries.
Communicating with customers through various channels.
Acknowledging and resolving customer complaints.
Knowing our service and plans inside and out so that you they answer questions.
Processing orders, forms and requests.
Keeping records of customer interactions, transactions, comments and complaints.
Providing feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.
Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support.

Warehouse Assistant:

Compiling and inspecting shipping-related documentation.
Unloading incoming shipments and reviewing their contents.
Packing stock in a neatly organized and secure fashion.
Preparing outbound shipments ahead of delivery times.
Driving merchandise to our regional clients.
Monitoring inventory levels to gauge restocking needs.
Directing and conducting routine warehouse cleaning tasks.
Ensuring workers' adherence to stipulated safety-related protocols.
Validating quality, type and brands of all the received garments.
Helping the photographer to change outfits for photo sessions.


Developing a film's visual style.
Determining lighting requirements on set.
Ordering and testing lighting and camera equipment.
Determining camera aperture settings.
Controlling natural or artificial lighting conditions.
Liaising with electricians to ensure adequate electrical supply.
Determining elements such as filters, shutter angles, focus, depth of field and camera distance.
Editing visual elements in post production.
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